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Reliability predictions

SEA provides Reliability Predictions (MTBF), System Availability, and Software Reliability Analysis that satisfy the requirements of Bellcore/Telcordia, FDA or military standards. We produce reliability predictions that help you establish product pupport strategies that will maximize your reliability image in your marketplace. By utilizing our analysis and test services regarding product reliability and maintainability, a manufacturer can be assured that supportability is designed into the final product.

To detect product serviceability problems early in the design stage, SEA has developed reliability testing procedures and analysis services that allows previewing and prediction of product reliability, warranty and service cost long before a product is built.

Reliability predictions analysis

SEA can provide reliability predictions and analysis that allow you to understand how parameters such as temperature, stress, part quality, packaging and environment come together to influence product reliability and how these can be modeled to understand how each effects system downtime.

Reliability Prediction Methods

To give you the best prediction of future performance we have enhanced the typical '217/Telcordia methods for predicting reliability by using manufacturers reliability process and test data to the greatest extent possible. The result is a more realistic reliability prediction.

We use, to the greatest extent possible, manufacturers test data. We then translate the data to the temperature of interest using the appropriate activation energies from either '217 or Telcordia's SR332.

The demand for quality components in the commercial sector has caused the component manufacturers to develop their own reliability programs. We use our knowledge of these programs to select the appropriate quality levels when performing a prediction.

The result is the most competitive reliability prediction you can get anywhere.

Software Reliability Prediction Analysis

Using application sets developed around historical data analysis within a specific software development organization, SEA can enable you to more efficiently manage your software development by:

  • Estimating the total test time for a software configuration
  • Estimating the time remaining to reach a predetermined level of quality
  • Estimating the cost/risk of releasing a software configuration at any point in time

With the help from SEA, you build products that are more reliable and maintainable and therefore more profitable.

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Through an insight into real world product performance, our highly qualified technical staff can provide you with a fast, cost effective program to fulfill all of your product reliability management needs.

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