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Reliability Halt Hass Testing

SEA offers reliability HALT HASS testing services to assist manufacturers in predicting product durability and serviceability before the prototype stage. By utilizing our analysis and test services regarding product reliability and maintainability, a manufacturer can be assured that supportability is designed into the final product.

Using our technical expertise, coupled with new halt and hass testing techniques, we can cost effectively put your product through its paces to find its performance and production screening limitations. The new techniques of reliability HALT HASS testing use environmental stresses to stimulate failures rather than simulating use environments. The focus of HALT HASS testing is to rapidly produce failures in a meaningful way, analyze them and suggest corrective action to increase product robustness and durability.

HALT HASS testing

The purpose of Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) is to optimize product reliability by identifying the functional and destructive limits of your product.

You benefit in two ways from this experience:

You receive a thorough evaluation of the weakest links in the design at the lowest possible cost. You establish the safe stress limits for production screening

The purpose of Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) is to expose your product to optimized production screens without affecting product reliability.

Reliability testing and analysis

To detect product serviceability problems early in the design stage, SEA has developed reliability analysis and testing services that allows previewing of product reliability, warranty and service cost long before a product is built.

SEA's reliability halt and hass testing services insure that your product is serviceable and that your maintenance strategy is properly tuned and tried before your product goes in production.

With the help from SEA, you build products that are more reliable and maintainable and therefore more profitable.

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Through an insight into real world product performance, our highly qualified technical staff can provide you with a fast, cost effective program to fulfill all of your product reliability management needs.

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