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Product reliability

SEA offers product reliability services to assist manufacturers in predicting product reliability and serviceability before the prototype stage in the product development cycle of a product has been reached. By utilizing our services and advice regarding product reliability and maintainability, a manufacturer can be assured that supportability is designed into the final product.

To detect product serviceability problems early in the design process, SEA has developed product reliability analysis testing procedures that allows previewing of product reliability, warranty and service cost long before a product is built.

Product reliability is to a greater degree than ever, dependant on how reliable the system software is at the time it is released. Our clients are seeing 10 times more software failures than hardware failures. To address this major hurdle SEA has developed product reliability services that address this problem.

In order to manage the development of more reliable software, SEA can provide you with a tool to:

  1. Estimate the total test time for a software configuration. This would not only estimate the time required to test each code module but would also account for the test, analyze, fix and retest time for the number of faults predicted to be in the code.
  2. Estimate the time remaining to reach a predetermined level of quality. This would require the user to update input data as the testing of software progressed and to obtain an updated estimate of the test time remaining to some selectable confidence limits.
  3. Estimate the cost/risk of releasing a software configuration at any point in time. This application would estimate the number of faults remaining and the mean time to next fault based on the amount of testing done. It would also be based on the cost to fix faults in the field and would compute a dollar value of the risk. The application would allow the user to input the time to next planned software upgrade to get an estimate of total cost/risk.

Product reliability services

Our product reliability services are geared to help you see how your product will fare in the real world before you build your first prototype. SEA can provide you with the ability to manage product reliability allowing you to develop products that have a predictable service costs, warranty costs and predictable sparing levels that will allow you to optimize profitability.

Product reliability consulting

SEA's product reliability analysis and product reliability test services insure that your product is serviceable and that your maintenance strategy is properly tuned and tried before your product goes in production.

With the help from SEA, you build products that are more reliable and maintainable and therefore more profitable.

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Through an insight into real world product performance, our highly qualified technical staff can provide you with a fast, cost effective program to fulfill all of your product reliability management needs.

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