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Component Reliability

Systems Effectiveness Associates, Inc. (SEA), Norwood, Massachusetts, has provided component reliability analysis and component reliability data to companies producing electronic and electro-mechanical systems since 1979.

Component reliability help desk

Through the Reliability Help Desk, SEA offers links to component reliability data from the industry's most popular manufactures. This component reliability data is made available to allow engineers easy access to these helpful web based resources. This component reliability test data is meant to support reliability predictions, and reliability testing, in order to assist manufacturers in predicting product reliability and serviceability even before the prototype stage.

By utilizing advice regarding component reliability test data, a manufacturer can be assured the predictions performed on the final product will be more accurate than using the existing statistical data bases. In addition we can advise our clients about how to apply component quality factors to the various reliability prediction methods to assure the resulting prediction is the most accurate obtainable.

We upgrade the links to the various component manufacturers web sites and particularly any sources of reliability test data that they provide, as often as possible.

Component and system level reliability testing

To detect product serviceability problems early in the design stage, SEA has developed reliability analysis services for predicting the reliability at the component and system level. Our analysis services give the product developer the ability to preview of product reliability, warranty and service cost long before a product is built. Our knowledge how each of the component manufacturers have set up reliability programs, help you guide your design engineers to choose the most reliable components that will perform best under real world stresses. We can provide the product developer with strategies to test for frequency of failure for the entire product, an individual board or a single component, while product is still in the design phase and it is easy to improve your design. Reliability training combined with SEA's Maintainability Analysis Services insure that your product is serviceable and that your maintenance strategy is properly tuned and tried before your product goes in production. With the help from SEA, you build products that are more reliable and maintainable and therefore more profitable.

For more information on SEA's component reliability consulting services and reliability test programs, click here.

Increased profitability through component reliability analysis

SEA helps companies build their products to be more reliable and therefore more profitable by analyzing the individual component reliability. We know that reliability has to be designed into equipment and it's components as early in the design cycle as possible. We have developed a comprehensive system of reliability analysis, which addresses the overall product and individual component reliability.

Reliability Consulting

SEA offers product and component reliability engineering consulting and test services, which can assist manufacturers in predicting product and component reliability and serviceability before the prototype stage. SEA's reliability analysis services insure that your product is serviceable and that your maintenance strategy is properly tuned and tried before your product goes in production.

SEA's Halt Testing Capability can help:

  • Design in more reliability.
  • Determine Hass levels.
  • Shorten manufacturing cycle.

For more information on SEA's product and component reliability analysis services and predictions software, click here.

Through an insight into real world product performance, our highly qualified technical staff can provide you with a fast, cost effective program to fulfill all of your product reliability management needs.

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